What are the standards of tomorrow?

A community where people and the environment come together in a variety of ways.
A community where all can enjoy a waste-free, comfortable daily life without sacrifice.
These are the standards of tomorrow. Together with its citizens, Toyota City has taken a leading role
among the nation’s communities in finding ways to move forward towards these goals.

Toyota City Message

Toyota City has already begun taking actions
that will change our lives far into the future.

The little things we do in everyday
life can change the future.

Toyota World Environment Week 2015October 10,2014


The world’s future as seen from Toyota City. In January 2015 at the Vanguard Environment City International Conference held in Toyota City, information will be released about the current status and results of activities Toyota City has implemented as an environmental model city. In conjunction with this, citizens are invited to participate in Toyota City Vanguard Environment City events taking place over a period of about one week.

Event dates: January 10 (Sat) – 18 (Sun), 2015

Toyota Eco-ful TownOctober 10,2014


Gathering environmentally related technology in one place, Toyota Eco-ful Town is a facility where you can experience the standards of tomorrow. Visitors enjoy a hands-on experience with the latest environmental technology and transportation systems, as well as experiencing life in a “smart house.” There is also a restaurant serving delicious locally produced food. The guided tour is also recommended.